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Growth and expansion into Africa can be just as daunting as it is intriguing. Africa is the second most populated continent with around 1 billion people. It is open to companies who want to establish themselves and lay foundations to take advantage of the massive economic growth that is currently underway within Africa. Companies expanding into Africa often outsource their supply chain administration in the start-up phase of the business, relying on the country specific logistics knowledge and capacity flexibility that a third party service provider can provide.

Entities wanting to move into Africa need to draw upon proven expertise and advice on complex matters such as export financing, country or regional-specific knowledge, local networks, setting up a business in a specific country and what regulations to bear in mind for each sector such as legal, banking and utilities among others. Warehousing as well as country-specific labour, operations, health and safety, food safety and hazardous material laws compliance are some other core focus areas where Sherwood can assist.

Sherwood has assisted several blue chip companies with administration support to assist them with their expansion into Africa. This has enabled them to get up and running quickly by outsourcing the backroom processes to a skilled specialist with unique knowledge of African operational challenges. Sherwood handles aspects as diverse as securing and negotiating consumables and engineering supplies, dealing with discounts and bulk supply problems, as well as supplier management issues, staffing issues, warehouse management, stock control headaches and on-time deliveries.

SABEX Case Study

SABEX, the export division of SABMiller's Africa Division, facilitates the sourcing and supply of goods and services required to run and maintain SABMiller's brewing, bottling and soft drink plants in 15 countries in Africa. SABEX is an example of a very mature company expanding into Africa, where the strategy has evolved during the past nine years to an Outsourced Business Process (BPO) model , outsourcing their operational supply chain activities to Sherwood.

"Sherwood has successfully supported the SABEX growth during the past nine years with their understanding of our industry, knowledgeable resources and enabling systems, in managing the administration of our supply chain activities. The administration includes sourcing and contracting suppliers on non-strategic commodities, procurement, transport and export arrangements, as well as the administration of debtors and creditors. Outsourcing the administration has enabled us to focus on our core business and support the comprehensive growth that we have experienced in the countries where we operate."

Robert McKenna, GM SABEX

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