Business Process Outsourcing

How can BPO assist you?

Companies that have implemented Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategies have experienced great gains in efficiencies and cost savings by taking advantage of the services detailed below.


  • Immediate access to supply chain skills and competencies
  • Reduce administrative hassle in full Human Resources (HR)  management function including, payroll, skills training and industrial relations
  • Access to resource capacity


  • Access to proven buy, sell and export documentation management system
  • Build in governance and controls
  • Online status tracking

Cost Saving

  • Reduced internal operational cost by using shared resources
  • Alternative logistics delivery solutions
  • Reduce frequency and high logistics cost of emergency supplies
  • Reduce inventory investment


  • Access to SARS Export compliant processes
  • Reduce supply lead times and prevent delays
  • Reduce stop production situations


  • Reduce out of stock situations
  • Reduce inventory investment and holding
  • Reduce excess and redundant inventory


  • Create capacity to focus on core business
  • Improve supply chain reliability
  • BPO delivers an integrated supply chain optimisation solution

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