Sherwood International has an extensive footprint in Africa with operations for over 40 years in most African countries. We can provide you with services from basic administration of one or two supply chain functions to managing your total supply chain. Sherwood will provide the People, Processes, Technology and Knowledge across all the functions of the supply chain.

Sherwood international understands the importance of food supply and food security in africa and with our fmcg experience assist companies. We add value by creating reliability in the supply chain, reducing the risk and managing the full supply chain with physical infrastructure in the countries that we operate in.

We can provide a spectrum of services to address supply chain constrains, industry requirements and as a result of the maturity of the supply chain, customise our services according to the client’s requirements.

Implementation of best practices in inventory management

  • Inventory and stock holding replenishment parameters
  • Develop optimum stock holding levels
  • Shelf life management

Implementation of best practices in warehouse management

  • Receiving and issuing
  • Stowaway and storage practices for fmcg products
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Stock counting and accounting
  • Packaging and safeguarding
  • Housekeeping

Procurement and product capability

  • Bulk commmodities - rice, sugar, cooking oil, flour
  • Retail agencies:
    • Tinned products
    • UHT milk
    • UHT fruit juices
    • Confectionary
    • Perishable - Dairy products
    • Perishable - Pork products
    • Perishable – Fruit Juices

Value added services offered in fmcg

  • Product development and branding support
  • Merchandising and listing of products
  • Marketing of fmcg products
  • Market surveys

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