Oil & Gas

Sherwood International has an extensive footprint in Africa with operations for over 40 years in most African countries. We can provide you with services from basic administration of one or two supply chain functions to managing your total supply chain. Sherwood will provide the People, Processes, Technology and Knowledge across all the functions of the supply chain.

Sherwood International has assisted companies in the Oil & Gas sector with business process outsourcing in procurement, warehousing and inventory management. This allows companies to outsource non-core activities, free up resources and reduce supply chain costs.

The value that we add is measured in the following areas

  • Cost saving contributions
  • Improved transactional turnaround time
  • On time delivery accuracy and reliability

Our customised services to refineries include

  • Reducing risk by reducing the volume and frequency of supplier deliveries and onsite traffic
  • Consolidated receiving and deliveries to the refinery
  • Reduction in the supply base and supplier administration
  • Full transactional status tracking through the Internet

Procurement and product capability

Our procurement division is one of the best transactional operations in its class and has sourced the following types of products on behalf of our clients:

  • Industrial Chemicals - Frothers, Re-agents, Water Treatment, Anti-scalents
  • Transmission - Gearboxes, V-Belts, Couplings, Chain
  • Fluid Control - Valves, Pumps, Hoses, Piping
  • Steel - Angles, Flats, Channels, Beams
  • Engineering, Bolts, Nuts, Bearings, Welding, Lifting, Tools, Grating
  • Conveyor - Rollers, Idlers, Belting
  • PPE - Helmets, Overalls, Boots, Dust Masks
  • Laboratory - Chemicals, Utensils
  • Miscellaneous - Tyres, Medicals, Liners, Vehicle , Spares

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