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Growth and expansion in Africa can be just as daunting as it is intriguing. Africa is the second most populated continent with around 1 billion people. It is open to companies who want to establish themselves and lay foundations for the massive economic growth which has started around Africa. Whether you are a start-up company looking for opportunities or a more established and mature company in your region or even in the FMCG sector, there are opportunities for everyone.

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Sherwood international, the supply chain thought leader with over 30 years experience in Africa, has written a free guide for those who want to grow their business in Africa called "How To Get Winning Procurement, Logistics And Warehouse Management Using Business Process Outsourcing".

In this guide you will learn how to overcome many African challenges. Entities wanting to move into Africa need know-how around export financing country or regional specific knowledge, local networks setting up a business in a specific country and what regulations to bear in mind for each sector such as legal, banking and utilities among others, warehousing as well as country specific labour operation, health and safety, food safety and hazardous material laws compliance. These are just a few examples of the required knowledge.

Many answers are provided in this guide such as:

  • Transport to make sure products arrive where and when they should.
  • Forwarding and clearing skills required include people with detailed knowledge of export requirements and the documentation needed to move goods.
  • Export entries, SAD 500, EDI interface with customs, invoices, inspection certificates, import permits, product tariffing, transport documentation, as well as Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) certification.
  • Warehousing has its specific skills, such as how to set up a warehouse and select the best location to sit the distribution model.
  • Best practice methods for inventory management and material handling depending on the commodity is also critical.

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