Operational Procurement

We perform all the administrative work with shared sources on our or your system to source, adjudicate, order, expedite, receive and deliver your order on time.

Companies today are increasingly seeing the value of outsourcing the procurement function to specialist providers in order to improve business performance and achieve sustainable long term savings. The benefit of leveraging procurement outsourcing is measurable, a reduction in cost and greater supplier efficiencies.   

At Sherwood International, we focus on managing our clients' indirect and non-strategic procurement spends by delivering process efficiencies and measurable cost savings. Our procurement division is one of the best transactional operations in its class and Sherwood invests in regular training programs to ensure that our buyers are in touch with the latest developments. New procurement models or strategies include widening the supplier base to make it more responsive and flexible. We drive efficiencies to enlighten our clients with exceptional customer service and tangible value creation. These services are measured by defining formal performance levels and include savings, turnaround time and on time deliveries.

Services Include

  • Supply base management
  • Responding to client enquiries
  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Supply quotations to clients
  • Purchase order management
  • Expediting of orders 

Benefits Include

  • Immediate capacity to respond to client requirements
  • Immediate access to commodity and product knowledge
  • Sherwood face and manage multiple suppliers in an aggregator role, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple suppliers.
  • Online transactional status tracking, giving clients insight into the progress per transaction
  • Cost saving as a result of Sherwood’s buying power 

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